Friday, June 15, 2012

I've gone a bit 'Owl Crazy'!

Hello again! June has turned out to be as busy this year as it has been for the past few years...its my busiest month for sure as far a photography goes. With preparations for the exhibition in full swing too, there has been little time to paint, even though my mind is screaming paint paint paint!!! I've managed to start work on a couple of new paintings - both are combining 2 of my favourite new 'favourite' an Eagle with my old 'favourite', a horse. Not surprisingly, but unintentionally, the horse in this painting resembles my old horse 'Girlie' (who's show name was 'Twilight Zone' - an interesting coincidence, as we now fly the owls in a barn called 'The Twilight Zone'!!) So, Alfonzo and Girlie are the stars of this painting...The following pictures show the development. After several rough sketches to decide on composition, I began by lightly blocking in the bird and then masking it so I could work on the horse and background without losing its position.
Stage 1 Eagle lightly blocked in and masked, horse developed

Stage 2 Background added.

Following this, I removed the masking to reveal the Eagle and then worked on the bird.

Step 3 Masking removed.

Step 4 Detail & Tone on the Eagle.
This is as far as I've got with this painting (which is Acrylic on paper) as I ran out of time, but its not far off completion...its currently in the phase where its placed on one side, but still in view so I can look at it from across the room until I can decide what to do next! 

In the mean time I snuck a very quick drawing on to a canvas and did a very quick block in for my next painting...same theme, horse and bird. I can already see changes to be made...I think I'm going to blend out the whole bottom right hand corner. 
Horse & Bird II  first light block in. Acrylic on canvas.
So, a manic June is halfway through and zooming by, quicker than I can cope with. We've had gales and storms instead of sunshine - its all been a bit mad really. A very wet and windy day gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with both camera and birds...these offer me  inspiration, escapism, grounding and awe...they definitely keep me sane! I hope you enjoy the following photos - they make me smile, I hope they have the same effect on you - enjoy!
George, Barn Owl
Eddie, African Spotted Owl

Elvis, Great Grey Owl

Irwin, Boobok Owl
Ulu, South African White Faced Owl

Irwin, Boobok Owl

Ruby, Milky Eagle Owl

Ruby, Milky Eagle Owl
Bumble, Siberian Eagle Owl
Ulu, South African White Faced Owl

Bumble, Siberian Eagle Owl
GVT (General Von Talon) Peregrine Falcon

This made my day! As I was photographing Elvis, the Great Grey Owl, he was intrigued by my camera and kept fling over to me to have a closer look.

Until next time, let's hope for some sunshine & happy painting,
Mandi ;)