Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paintbrushes at the ready as the kids go back to school!!

Hello again!!!
I know its been a long while since my last blog...but Boy!...has it been a busy time! I've only managed a couple of paintings, but there's a good reason...
This Summer...(or should I write "Summer" in inverted commas, as its done nothing but rain???) has seen me through three art exhibitions, a huge body of my paintings going up on display in The Meadows Restaurant at Puxton Park and an invitation to exhibit in Artisan Gallery at Heartlands in Cornwall. WOW!!!! On top of this, I've given art and photography lessons, spent 2 days a week at the falconry centre and photographed a wedding and several portrait shoots!

To celebrate and help promote this success, I've decided to build a new website to incorporate everything I'm doing now...even this blog will be on it! The new website is 'live' as I write, but is in the early stages of creation and will be being developed over the coming months...yet another huge learning curve for me, but it will be a great achievement when it's finished!! I'm really excited about the new website, I hope you'll check it out...

This will be my final post on this blog at blogspot...but this whole blog has been imported to the new site and will continue at the above address, so please keep following me - I love reading your comments on my posts! As I upload more content to the site, you'll also be able to see more of my photography, including weddings, portraits and wildlife photography. I look forward to hearing from you, but before I go, I'll leave you with the 2 paintings I managed this "Summer"!! 

Both are in watercolour on Saunders Waterford 300lbs paper. The owl was meant to be a very loose, washy effect based around intense eyes and beak, but I got a bit carried away with the colours in the background!! It is quite a vibrant painting though! The Harris Hawk painting was more about the contrast between light and dark caused by the strong side lighting on the bird's head. I really like the intensity of the stare - those eyes are so sharp! The close crop to the head also adds impact to the composition - I'm looking forward to seeing this one framed up!

Tomorrow, its BACK TO SCHOOL for my daughter...so its time for me to get out the paintbrushes again and get back into the swing of painting again...in between developing the new website of course....!!!!! Wish me luck, here goes!

Mandi ;)

Woolley, Indian Eagle Owl, Watercolour.

Harris Hawk, Watercolour.


  1. You have been busy!I like the background to the owl it doesn't detract from the impact of the subject. Good luck with your new website and congratulations for getting into Heartlands. I will be seeing Ann this afternoon and will get all the news from her. Love Pam

  2. Thanks Pam, I'm sure Mum will enjoy telling you all about it! Its really exciting being at Heartlands and having another outlet for my art, just what I needed!! Hope you have a good time at art club, love Mandi xx