Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meltdown diffused...!'s been a good few days since my last post, and what a week its been. I've finally got my wheels back after more than a month without my car!!!! Welcome home Ruby! This probably explains the lack of painting - having my car back has allowed me to get out and about to experience the wildlife and landscape that inspires my paintings! A fellow enthusiast kindly took the time to show me some excellent local spots for viewing such wildlife, (many thanks Higgy!) and since then, I've been out exploring some of these areas further. Its been well worth it...I already have new ideas for several paintings!! I was hoping to go out on another field trip this morning, but for one reason or another, I hit meltdown....and thankfully, managed to diffuse the feeling by jumping straight into a new painting!!! Still 'gripped' by the starlings, and keen to continue using my new paint brushes... it is another 'bluey, greeny, purple feathered character' that appeared on my canvas. Just the first layer to establish areas of colour, similar to the one from last week. I also had a little play with the Merlin painting, but this still needs a lot of work before it is complete.

So, today's blog pictures are more photographs than paintings...but you will be able to see where my next potential paintings will be coming from...

Merlin...the next step!

Today's starling - 1st layer

I'm not normally a mad fan of sea birds, but this bunch certainly attracted my attention:
I think they're called Turnstones...on the ground they're dumpy little things, but when they gang up and take off into flight, they're something else!! They gave me my own personal flying display...just like the starlings but a lot less in number. They swarmed around, up and down the shore line, changing direction in perfect group formation - awesome! Even more spectacular was with every direction change, the flock changed colour from black to white and back again. I hope these photos give you some idea of what I saw...

Turnstones in Flight

In one direction, they're black....

In the other direction, they're white!!

On the turn...both sides at once!

Flight Over Misty Clevedon

Flocking Over Shipwreck.

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