Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paintbrushes in action, at last!!!

 For the first time in 2012, I managed to find some time to sit and paint! After my visit to the birds of prey on the weekend, my first 'model' of the year has turned out to be 'Bumble', who's  a Siberian Eagle Owl. I was drawn to use water colours for this painting - to ease my eye back in after the Christmas break. I'm really pleased with the eye...but feel the need for lots more pracice.


 So.... I grabbed my acrylics and my brand new set of paintbrushes I was given for Christmas and worked another under-layer of 3 more paintings which I'd started last year. A Lion with her cub, a Sparrow Hawk and a Merlin. These 3 still need a lot of work, but I've put them up here so you can see how they develop.



   Lion & Cub

I'm really looking forward to seeing some 'Starling Murmurations this week...fingers crossed if I'm lucky, I might get some interesting photos to share....

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